3 Benefits of Seeking Help When You Are Under Stress

Stress. I can’t remember the first time I used the five letter “s” word as a justification for a frayed temper, insomnia, yo-yo’ing body weight and the various other physical and psychological symptoms proffered by this conniving chemical reaction surging through my nervous system. I long ago faced the reality that everybody is stressed; from my wide eyes, slack jawed boss, to the woman who dared to steal my park despite the flash of an indicator, we all must cope with the triggers and tribulations of daily, modern struggles. Though a lot of our issues can be construed as first world problems, work issues, family problems, money difficulties, emotional and mental health challenges are very real road blocks to realising a positive way to deal with the stress monster lurking behind the curtain.

yoga to fight stress

“Try enrolling in yoga, taking meditation classes and joining
a team sport to boost your confidence levels, harmonise
breathing and tap into what YOU need.”

Control – Take the Steering Wheel

I tend to flip out when I’m feeling overwhelmed and under the pump, scrabbling desperately to hold onto the raft and keep my head above water as deadlines loom and nip at my heels. I used to feel this way all the time, as soon as something broached the borders of my control or plans, convinced I was going to fail and those around me would perceive me as a fraud. Breathe. Taking your stress by the horns and developing proactive strategies around your hot buttons will prevent your body sinking into meltdown and taking your faculties with it. Put your hands back on the steering wheel and take your foot off the brake – while the fast lane may seem like too much, too soon, learning to keep pace with the rest of the world will benefit your future driving capabilities.

Confidence – Be You, Without the Baggage

Chronic stress can seriously affect your self-confidence. As I sunk deeper into my feeling of professional and personal inadequacy, I rushed to do more, be more, without thinking about what I needed to do to handle my current load – it wasn’t particularly heavy, I just wasn’t ready for the weight of it emotionally, with my mentality and intelligence outstripping my ability to tell myself, I can do this. Before insomnia eats away at you and anxiety keeps your eye firmly planted on the ceiling, think about what you’ve achieved that day, what your failures were, what you’ve learned and any future goals. Get it all out. Fall asleep and wake up. From the dawn of a new day, thing might not seem that bad – you always have time for you; remember, YOU are a priority, not an after-thought.

Health – No, You Don’t Need Antibiotics

I hated being sick while stressed. I’d work myself into a frenzy, barely sleep for up to six weeks, work constantly and burn myself out, all because I thought my job demanded it – I was working hard, not smart, and it was damn hard on my body. Your biology is pretty clued in to how you’re feeling and where your head is at – restless nights, weight gain or less, dark circles, pasty/oily skin, slumped shoulder, tension headaches, phantom stomach aches and the irrational urge to cry in a corner somewhere. Yes, stress can really do a number on any one of us, and often for things you wouldn’t expect. Addressing the challenges in your life now will directly affect your health later, and for the better.

Though no website has all the answers (nobody does), professional centres like talkingminds.com.au help you get started. If sitting down in someone elses office does nothing for your pulse rate, try enrolling in yoga, taking meditation classes and joining a team sport to boost your confidence levels, harmonise breathing and tap into what YOU need.

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