3 Types of Sofas That Speak for Themselves

Let’s Be Seated

Chances are, your living room is the first room visitors see when they come to your house or to your flat. When you come home from a tough day at work, or whenever you return from a holiday, your living room is likely the first sight you see once you’ve made it indoors. Either way, your sofa represents a focus point for your room, inviting you or your visitors to have a seat and relax.

Your sofa should be scaled in proportion to the size of your living room. If you live in a cosy cottage, 2 seater sofas, like the ones that appear on the Made site, provide intimate seating that is ideal for small rooms. If you live in a spacious flat, a sectional leather sofa can provide not only a focal point, but the bulk of the seating area for your living room.


Your sofa represents a focus point for your room,
inviting you or your visitors to have a seat and relax.

Either way, there are certain types of sofas that speak for themselves. Sofas with patterned fabrics, armless sofas and leather sofas are each able to stand on their own, with or without accent cushions. Depending on whether your décor is modern, traditional or somewhere in between, one or more of these distinctive sofa types may be just what the doctor ordered to bring off-centre appeal to your living space.

Sofas With Patterned Fabrics

Whether it is covered with a riot of flowers or striped with bold colours, a sofa with patterned fabric upholstery represents a natural focal point for a room. Pick up one of the colours from the sofa for your wall colours, draperies and matching arm chairs to mimic the look a professional interior decorator might create. Save the accent pillows for the arm chairs. The pillows should either match the pattern of the sofa pick up or one of its colours.

Armless Sofas

If they are large enough, armless sofas can double as impromptu beds for company or provide a comfortable spot to lie down for a nap. Either way, accent pillows are strictly optional. If your armless sofa has patterned upholstery, pick up one of the colours from the pattern for all the walls of your room, or as an accent colour for the wall immediately behind the sofa. If your armless sofa is upholstered in a solid colour, match it with armchairs covered in patterned or flowered upholstery that includes the colour of your sofa.  If your sofa is located in a casual family room, try placing a few large pillows that match or coordinate with the sofa on the floor to provide additional seating.

Leather Sofas

Many people associate leather furniture with luxury. However, leather is also extremely durable. It is thicker than most fabrics and with minimal care, looks better as it ages. Best of all, accent pillows are absolutely unnecessary with leather sofas. If you love accent pillows, match your leather sofa with armchairs upholstered in fabric. Add accent pillows to the armchairs in colours that coordinate with the colour or pattern of the armchairs.  An especially striking and modern look is matching a black leather sofa with white upholstered armchairs and black accent pillows.

Amy Grimshaw loves trying new decorating ideas in her home. She frequently writes about successes on DIY interior design blogs.

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