3 Ways to Clean Window Blinds

Blinds are effective way to block light from entering the room. They also look really nice when they are clean. But just like curtains, they attract dirt, dust and pollen. Here are the 3 ways to clean window blinds.

Clean with blind cleaner

Blind cleaners are used on slightly soiled blinds. It looks like an easy way to clean the window blinds but inserting the roller in each slat is quite time-consuming.

blinds cleaner

1. Extend the blinds to its ful lenght.
2. Hold the blinds steady then insert blind cleaner, one roller between two slats.
3. Move the blind cleaner back and forth to wipe the blinds.
4. When the sides of the rollers in use become dirty, remove the cleaner from the blinds.
5. Twist rollers to expose new cleaning surface then repeat steps 1 and 2.
6. When the rollers become compltely soiled, wash the dirt off with soap and water.

Clean with socks and vinegar solution

This is our favorite way to clean window blinds because it’s the easiest. No need to take it off the window and wash with water yet it will be thoroughly cleaned using your hands.

clean blinds with sock

1. Extend the blinds to its full lenght.
2. Place the old sock on your hand.
3. Dip half of your fingers in a bowl with equal parts of water and vinegar. Squeeze out the excess.
4. Run your fingers on the slat (your four fingers over and thumb under ) to wipe both sides.
5. Continue up to last slat rinsing the sock periodically in the vinegar solution.

Clean with sponge and soap

This is for heavily soiled blinds. You know those blinds that changed their colors because they haven’t been cleaned for a long time.

clean blinds with sponge

1. Raise the blinds to the top position then lock.
2. Take the mini blinds off the window then remove the adjusting rod.
3. Bring the blinds to the bathroom or garage or wherever you plan to wash it.
4. Unlock the blinds then extend it to its full lenght then spread it flatly on the floor.
5. Scrub it thoroughly with a sponge soaked in diluted liquid soap.
6. it on the other direction and scrub again with soaped sponge.
7. Wash with water then let dry.

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