5 Café Trends to Bring Into Your Home

We all know that trends are constantly changing, and it means that the design of your own home can quickly become outdated. But how do you update and freshen up your space to make it welcoming, functional, and stylish? Sometimes it’s worth looking outside of the home for untraditional inspiration in trendy and practical spaces: cafés. Keep reading to see five design trends found in cafés everywhere that can be easily adapted to give your home a new look.

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1. Open Plan

A common trend on the café scene is the inclusion of open spaces and a communal ambience. The days of hidden corners and nooks have been replaced by minimalist interiors, large entryways and shared tables. The kitchen and living areas would be ideal areas to incorporate this trend as you can combine open plan living with a seamless indoor/outdoor entertaining space. For some ‘open’ design inspiration, check out the websites of specialist joinery companies such as Tu Projects .

2. Mix And Match

In many cafés these days it’s becoming popular to use mismatched furniture, with quirky seating and textures tied together by a neutral colour palette in the background. Adapt this trend for your own home by upcycling products, such as antique chairs, for your dining room or kitchen. Then include a range of eccentric fittings for cupboards, and cushions in a variety of patterns, sizes and colours.

3. Going Green

Another key trend sweeping through cafés is the use of plants, with everything from flowers and ferns to fishbowl terrariums making an appearance. The trend of café greenery is an easy one to adapt for your home, as they are versatile accessories that can be displayed in floor pots, hanging plants or table decorations. Plants also breathe life into a space, freshening it up and making the whole atmosphere more natural – ideal for any relaxing space in your home.

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4. Light And Bright

Greenery isn’t the only statement accessory making its way into the café, lighting is also having a moment. For any workspace to be practical, including where you cook, eat and socialise, it should be well-lit. By focusing on this key element, cafés are utilising oversized and alternative lighting fixtures to create a feature piece. Statement pendant lighting can be easily introduced into your own home, as can additional features such as lamps.

5. Pick A Theme

No longer a rarity, a larger number of cafés are choosing to take on a theme in order to stand out from their competition. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to bringing this trend to your own home. For example, a ‘street’ theme will include elements of concrete and copper, an eye-catching artwork, recycled materials such as crates, and a range of mismatched crockery. Revolving the design of your space around one central idea ensures that it is cohesive and has a definitive personality.

Cafés are not just for those people that appreciate a good coffee; they are also places of community for catch-ups with old friends or a spot to read while satisfying your sweet tooth. The above trends illustrate how you can easily bring this atmosphere home with you by just incorporating a few details to liven up the space.

What do you love most about the design of your favourite café? Discuss your answers below.

Image source: Pexels

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