5 Exterior House Painting Tips

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One of the most important aspects of house design is undoubtedly curb appeal. The prettier your house looks from the outside, the better price you can get if you decide to sell it. Also, since the exterior of your home is the first thing that people see when they come to visit or simply when they pass by, the importance of the first impression kicks in and people generally create a more positive image of both the house and the people living in it.

However, making your house shine as much as possible from the outside is not as easy as some might believe. Your front yard and driveway have to be neat and tidy, providing access to the house itself. Even that is not enough, if your house doesn’t look well looked after, and nothing shows that you care more than having a freshly painted home in colours that complement not only each other, but all the other colours around the house. So, what is it that we have to be careful about when we decide to give our good, old home a new coat of paint?

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Apart from the regular painting equipment, which includes appropriate paints, brushes and rollers, you are probably going to need some sturdy, yet easy-to-assemble aluminium scaffolding to reach all the way to the top of your house. They are much more reliable than the regular ladder, since they allow you to move more freely and they also provide you with enough space to have your painting equipment by your side.

Colours and lights

There are many combinations that have proven to be extremely successful when it comes to the exterior of a house, but you have to be careful when choosing the right ones. Consider the greenery and the colours around your house before choosing your combination. Also, don’t forget that you can achieve an amazing effect with an introduction of exterior light fixtures, which both add complementary materials and colours and decorative accents. For example, a pair of lantern-type fixtures is a popular choice when it comes to achieving symmetry.

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It’s not advisable to use an “aggressive” colour and paint the walls, but if you really want to make a statement by providing contrast, you can always make your front door colourful, thus expressing your style and emphasising the door as the central exterior architectural feature. Just by introducing a vivid colour on the front door, you’ll make the whole façade look much more attractive, appealing and unique. Again, make sure that the one you choose complements the architecture and surrounding landscape.

Be brave with warm colours

Details painted in a warm colour, such as yellow, orange and red, tend to make a very strong statement about the exterior design of your home, particularly if they go well with other shades, such as the neutrals, which are still immensely popular as the primary colour of a house.

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Cool is cool, too

You can also opt for a cooler option, such as green, blue and grey, if you’d like to go for a more gracious look. Having such a door can really provide a great contrast with a house’s warm undertones or with colourful flowers and bushes in your yard.


If you don’t feel confident enough to choose the colours or paint the exterior of your home, you can always turn to professionals for help, but you have to be ready to spend more money. Even if you still decide not to do it yourself, you should still provide some input regarding the impression you’re going for. Feel free to present your ideas to an expert and work with them towards finding a solution that you’ll be satisfied with.

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