5 Ingenious Ways to Rearrange Your Loft

Attic rooms in a house have some sort of magic among them, they always remind us of secret passages, and forgotten vaults where we can stumble upon a hidden treasure. Sadly, when you think about your own loft, it is probably stuffed with dusty boxes containing old books, clothes, and broken lamps. If you have the means, why not turn your boring, dusty attic into something funnier and more interesting that your whole family will love?

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Party corner

Having friends over for an evening is wonderful, you can play board games, have a glass of vine, and spend a nice evening. However, when guests leave, you will have to spend significant amount of time cleaning up the room. Instead of doing that, why not have a room in the house made especially for similar purposes? Rearrange your loft and turn it into a party corner, fill the shelves with board games and have a few lazy bags put around. This way, you will not have to spend hours getting your living room in order after your guests leave.

Kids’ paradise

Similar to your own party corner, but even better since kids need more space to play. This is especially important when they start going to school and their room should be a place where they study. Make your loft a kids’ corner, put an old computer there, plenty of DVDs, video games, books, and toys, and when your child’s friends come over, send them there. They will love the additional space and their own privacy, and you will be able to get some peace and quiet in the living room.

Music studio

If you are creative, love music, and would like a chance to get into your hobby in peace and quiet of your home, turn your loft into music studio and let the magic happen. Insulate and sound proof the room, buy a mix tape, studio monitors, a microphone with a mic stand, one set of headphones, and a DAW/Audio interface combo. You will be all set and ready to go, learn to do a few things, develop your hobby, and who knows, after a while you might start making money out of it as well.

Meditation room

meditation roomImage credits: Tim Crowe at Flickr.com

With your house full of pets, noise, chores to do, and little tings distracting you, it is not easy to find some time and space just for yourself. Turn your loft into your own meditation room and you will have less to stress about at home. Even when you have had a bad day at work, and your children are playing (khm, making noise, khm), all you need to do is visit your peaceful room and relax. Get an appropriate rug, make sure it’s soft, get speakers and some nice CDs with relaxing music, a few lamps and candles, and scented sticks; voila – you now have your own secret corner.

Movie room

Another splendid idea for your entire family and friends is to convert your loft into a small movie room. As far as you are concerned, it doesn’t even have to be high budget; simply leave an empty white wall on one side of the room, attach a projector and speakers to your laptop, and have a comfy couch, armchairs, or lazy bags scattered around the room. Make plenty of popcorns and let the magic happen; enjoy a low-budget-high-value cinema night with your loved ones.

132835036_09a779f8e1_zImage credits: Thor at Flickr.com

By choosing to turn your attic into another fully functional room of your household, you might lose some of that storage space you were relying on, but instead you will get a beautiful, spacious, and sunny place for you members of your family to spend some quality time.

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