5 Power Tools Every Serious DIYer Needs

DIY isn’t just a hobby. For some people, DIY is a way of life. They love to spend their weekend hammering, sawing, chopping, and carrying out all kinds of exciting improvements in their home. They aren’t the type to sit around reading a book (unless it’s about home improvement), or going to the local park for a stroll. No, their idea of heaven is a trip to the local DIY superstore, where they can spend hours drooling over new tools and innovative fixing solutions. So if you know a DIY enthusiast and you are a bit stuck for what to buy them for their birthday or Christmas, here are five power tools any DIY enthusiast will definitely want in their toolbox.

Cordless Drill

A cordless drill should be top of your list of power tools for an enthusiastic DIYer. Without a power drill, it’s impossible to put up shelves, drill holes into walls, wood, metal and anything else you need to fix. Power drills also double as electric screwdrivers if you have a selection of different bits. Corded drills tend to be cheaper, but anyone who loves to practice DIY will want a cordless drill because it can be used anywhere irrespective of whether there is a power outlet nearby.

Chop Saw

A chop saw is very useful if you need to cut pieces of wood down to size. You can miter a joint or trim a piece of skirting board in seconds. They are also useful for chopping longer pieces of timber into sticks for kindling. Look for a high-speed chop saw, as this will make short work of metal as well as wood.


Sanding down a large area is hard work, but with an electric sander, the job will be accomplished a lot quicker. Small, hand sanders are useful for sanding down items of furniture – look for models with interchangeable heads to help you reach the fiddly areas. Larger sanders are more suited to bigger areas, such as doors and floors.

Electric Plane

If you or your beloved enjoy crafting pieces of furniture or working with wood in general, you are going to need a good quality electric plane. Hand planes are used to take off the top surface of a piece of wood, to create a lovely smooth finish. An electric plane does exactly the same thing, but for a fraction of the effort.


A router is a specialist tool used in carpentry. You need one of these if you want to make decorative moldings or intricate carvings in wood, although routers are also used to cut out openings in countertops for sinks. This tool is essential for any type of cabinetry work, so make sure you have one handy if you enjoy working with wood.

This is not an exhaustive list of power tools – there are plenty more depending on where your interests lie. For example, if you prefer working with metal, a plasma welder will be more use to you than a router, so look at Lincoln plasma welders for sale at Welding Outfitter.

Whatever type of power tool you invest in, always make sure you work safely.

Image courtesy of Blackzheep at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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