5 Reasons Why You Need a Tub Chair in the Office

When you’re kitting out your office premises, it’s easy to fall into the same trap many other business owners do and just get the kind of furniture that’s widely available.

tub chairs

But, before you commit to buying the same old seating as everyone else, check out these five very good reasons why your premises need tub chairs:

1. They’re comfortable!

Comfort is the first thing you should look for in any chair, right? Well, although styles vary, the basic shape of a tub chair is a classic – and for good reason.

The wide seat and gentle curve of the one-piece wraparound back gives users some much needed back and arm support; it’s kind of like getting a little hug, and who doesn’t need one of those at some point during the working day?

2. The Make the Right Statement!

The shape of a tub chair may be simple, but no matter which kind of upholstery you choose, this simplicity can really make a statement.

By taking care to select the right upholstery for your chair you can convey a subtle message with it.

For the executive look, opt for a high-quality leather tub chair which says ‘successful, yet trendy.’

For the modern, cutting-edge business, opt for a heavy yet fun corduroy fabric or one with a bold pattern or brightly coloured pinstripe which says you dare to be different.

For a more understated, casual, yet equally professional style, choose something in a dark or neutral tone that blends in to its surroundings.

There are an infinite number of upholstery styles and combinations available, so you can be sure to find something that makes just the right statement about you and your business.

3. They’re Functional!

The classic design of a tub chair means that it only takes up a small amount of floor space. This is ideal for small spaces like receptions areas or staff rooms.

Although the shape of the arm and backrest of a tub chair is distinctive, there’s a variety of frames and bases available which help to make each one unique.

A bucket or barrel shape, which extends the seat-line to the floor helps to block off and define a space.

Alternatively, a café-style circular base helps to open up a space by letting light flood underneath it, and one which swivels makes it easy for users to turn and retrieve documents, answer a call, or say yes to the colleague that’s offering them a coffee, all without having to change their seating position.

4. They’re stylish!

Despite their tub-like shape, there are a variety of subtle design differences and style choices you can make to transform and personalise the tub chair’s appearance.

This means that unlike standard office chairs which quite literally just sit there, tub chairs can complement the interior of any office, whether the vibe is classic, contemporary or retro.

5.They’re fun!

Although you can kit out your office, boardroom or reception areas with tub chairs that look classy, they are ultimately a functional yet fun piece of furniture.

Putting them in your office space, even if your industry is a solemn one, makes an interesting alternative to regular seating and can help to create a relaxed atmosphere to conduct serious business in.

To find your perfect tub chair, contact Planscape who have a wide selection of styles, colours and designs to suit any office and any budget.

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