5 Things You Should Consider Before Moving

You’ve found the right house or apartment. You’ve done all the preparations. The time has come to proceed with the moving. Not so fast! This process might take far less time than the planning itself, but it’s far from a simple endeavor and there are a few things you should consider beforehand.

Trust me, I’ve moved both myself and my friends more than I can count by now.


Mark the packaging

Whether it’s cardboard boxes or garbage bags for that matter, remember to mark the packaging! You want to execute this in a few steps, so cramming all the stuff in the van (yours or rented) could put your beloved trinkets in danger of irreparable damage.

You don’t want those glasses turned into shards, don’t you? Mark the packaging with all of the clothes and place it on the bottom of the van. Packaging marked as fragile should go on the very top.

Prevent any damage

Most of the broken items will have to be replaced, so that’s an additional hit to your wallet that was not in the grand scheme of things. To make matters worse, it’s not the only damage you could end up reimbursing.

You have to leave your previous home without a single scratch. The mint condition of their old living space is a prerequisite for every person with a conscience, and sometimes it’s even backed legally with clauses in a lease.

Therefore, when moving all the bulky items out of the house, try to use moving blankets to avoid scratches on the floors, dents in the walls and damage to the doors.

Avoid injuries

It’s like trying to walk an elephant through a porcelain shop – it’s not about preventing injuries, it’s about avoiding them. Unfortunately, inanimate objects are not the only thing that can get damaged during the move-out (but consider yourself lucky if they’re the only things that don’t).

Rarely has a relocation gone by without swelled fingers and bruises on the shins. To avoid this, try to add soft corner guards to the heavier furniture (they’re useful even if you don’t have a baby).

Also, you should limit the weight of each package to avoid unpleasant surprises half-way down the stairs. Cardboard boxes are prone to tear, and your toes will take the bulk of that pain.

Hire help

If you’ve got some money to spare, you could avoid all the hassle above by hiring help. Of course, in the wrong hands, many of your items could end up in pieces by the end of the day, so do your homework.

Fortunately, reputable moving agencies specializing in Brisbane removals are not that hard to come by in the transparent age of the internet. My experience with them has been nothing but top-notch, so I’d recommend sticking with them.


Turn everything off

This should always linger on your mind. One of the most important things to consider is the one people talk about the least, and it’s an easy thing to forget in all of the ruckus.

If you forget to turn off the lights, the new resident might be in for quite a shock when the first bills come. And you can bet your bottom dollar this resident will look into it with the electrical company.

Of course, this is not the worst-case scenario – you could have forgotten to turn off one of the appliances or (believe me, it has happened) a stove. I don’t think I have to tell you how this turns out for your pocket. Once again, TURN EVERYTHING OFF!

Once you reach the end of this journey, it’s all about leaving the memories behind. This, sometimes, ends up hitting you harder than any labor. Thankfully, you are in a new living space and the last thing to consider, after moving, is how to embark on a journey to make some new ones.

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