5 Things Not to Forget Before Starting Construction

When starting a new construction, things can get overwhelming and some important issues get lost in the cracks. Organisation is key to ensuring you do not forget anything important before you start on construction. Below are just a few of concerns that should be kept in the front of your mind.



Safety should always be your first priority. Ensure that a full induction form is set up and ready for anyone coming on site to fill out. Induction forms not only cover you for liability but also inform employees of the potential hazards or risks involved in the work. Don’t forget to check that every worker has a construction safety card before they start working. Equipment is a large part of safety. Make sure you have the right tools for the job. Some equipment is hard to find and you will need to hire most things, so make sure you understand specifically what is needed to undertake and complete construction. For specialty items such as shoring shields, you will need to visit specialty hire firms like Mabey Hire (see www.mabeyhire.com.au/).

Soil Tests and Ground Surveying

A soil test is an important part of the early construction process. It allows you to know whether the existing soil will react well with concrete or if it contains any toxins. And knowing what’s in the soil can inform you on how to proceed with construction. In the worst-case scenario, you could miss certain toxins in the soil that will accelerate deterioration of concrete footings, resulting in the collapse of a structure. While you are doing a soil test you should also do a ground survey and see if there are any existing structures, pipes or other significant finds buried underground. It is not uncommon in some places to make archaeological discoveries during a ground survey.

Site Facilities

Every construction site is going to need amenities and other facilities for its workers. A lunch room or break area with refrigeration and a microwave is a must have for any work site. Depending on the scale, it is also a good idea to provide a sheltered area for workers during bad weather. The site will also require a site office where management staff can work from and inductions can be carried out.


Keeping the site safe and secure outside of working hours is important not only to prevent theft or vandalism but to also keep the public safe. Fences should be set up around the entire perimeter of a work site, with a secure entry gate, that is locked after hours. If expensive equipment is left on site after work then a barbed wire fence can be installed for long term constructions. Surveillance cameras are also useful in these situations. You may even consider the use of security guards to patrol the site at night or after hours.

These are just a few of the things you should keep in mind before you start construction. So long as you remember to keep safety your number one priority you should run into very few issues. What do you put at the front of your priorities when starting construction?

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  1. For me, since I’m the budget-conscious type of person, I’ll consider first the availability of suppliers where I’ll be getting my materials. Distance to site as well as reliability of materials (industry grade) are major considerations before construction starts. This way, funds will be maximized without sacrificing quality.

  2. Ocular inspection of the site is a must. Second, secure the site with perimeter fence to avoid hazard to neighboring property then get a good foreman to supervise and execute the work on site according to plan and within the budget.

  3. Termite treatment on soil should also be considered as to avoid deterioration of wooden materials in the future, Also the quality of materials should be considered.

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