5 Things to Do Instead of Housework

We often hear about how much of our lives are spent at work, or asleep or surfing on the Internet. But what about the hours and days we spend cleaning and tidying our homes? Even if you despise everything about housework, chances are you spend a good chunk of your life on it. Why? Because clean and orderly homes keep us sane and they keep things hygienic. This is where a professional cleaning company, such as Absolute Domestics , comes into play. You can receive help from an expert cleaner when you want it and specify what exactly needs to be done! And while that is going on, guess what? You could be doing any of the below.

1. Sweat up a Storm

walk the dog
Okay, so this may seem a little strange, but sometimes, there’s nothing better than getting active and making the most of a beautiful morning or working out to some great tunes in your favourite gym class. Walk the dog, climb a mountain, play tennis with a friend or hit the beach; do whatever makes you feel happy and sweat at the same time, and you’ll feel as though you’ve spent your time wisely (and earned your reprieve from doing the housework).

2. Get Crafty and Get Creative

get crafty
Put down that mop, leave the vacuum out for the cleaner, and embrace your precious time with some creative activities. Whether you love painting, enjoy sewing as you watch the television, or are writing the next crime fiction bestseller, take the time to reconnect with your creative side and produce something. Fostering your personal talents and interests will make you feel more well-rounded and satisfied.

3. Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones

How often have you had to turn down a catch-up with a friend because the house was just filthy? Or you were too embarrassed to have your in-laws over because the place was a mess? Forget about the housework and instead head out with family and friends. Go see a movie, have a picnic with your kids, enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner, and get up-to-date on what’s been happening in the lives of your loved ones. It will sure beat becoming best friends with your duster, broom or hose!

4. Unwind with a DIY Spa Treatment

Now you can go back to some more ‘me’ time. When life gets hectic and stressful, it is important to unwind regularly so that you can reenergise and return to your everyday life with fresh vigour. Whether you put a face mask and eye mask on and retreat to a dark room, barricade yourself in the bathroom and enjoy a soak in the tub, or ask your partner for a well-deserved massage, this is a great way to spend any free hours.

5. Enjoy some Retail Therapy

retail therapy
Time not spent on housework could be time spent shopping! Head out to your local shopping centre and treat yourself to some new delights, as well as getting all those things you’ve been needing to replace or upgrade on.

Does this sound like one of the best wish lists of all time? What would you place on your top five list of things to do instead of housework? Share your thoughts below.

Image credits: Pixabay.com

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