5 Tips for Cleaning Up After the Holidays

As bothersome as it might seem, it’s very important to rid your house from all the piled-up clutter, dust, dirt and other residues which are simply bound to occur during the hurriedness of the holiday season. So, in order to make things a bit easier for you, we are giving you these 5 simple cleaning up tips that will help you reassemble your house without a lot of trouble.

Letting Go of The Holiday Spirit

No matter how appealing it is, unfortunately, it wouldn’t be right to simply leave all your holiday decorations where they are, until next year. This might sound like the easiest thing to do, but not only will the holiday decorations look silly in the middle of August, but decorating during the holiday season is one of the most exciting things to do during winter. So, gather your strength and make yourself take down all the lights, wrap them carefully so they won’t tangle, strip down the tree, ornaments, but also all other holiday decorations like wreaths, socks, wrapping papers etc. Make sure to store them with care, clean out the area around the tree and throw out all the ripped papers and broken decorations.

Start with The Critical Spots

After you’ve stripped down your house bare, it’s time to get scrubbing. The best solution is to start with the most obvious and critical spaces, that definitely being the kitchen, bathroom and the living room. Holiday seasons tend to get messy and if you were hosting parties and gettogethers at your place, these points of your home have certainly taken the biggest hit. So, equip yourself with some rubber gloves, a mop and some good cleaning products and start tackling those unfortunate stains and dirt.

freshly made bed

A Fresh Beginning

There’s no better feeling then lying down on a freshly made bed, especially after all that hard work. One of the integral parts of the holiday clean-up is deep washing the linen, pillowcases, comforters, but also tablecloths and other fabrics which have been used during the holiday season. If you have a guest room which was occupied during the holidays, make sure to thoroughly clean out the room and wash all that was used by the guests.

Shine on You Crazy Diamond

When you’re all done with washing and scrubbing, the next step is paying attention to your silverware and glasses. You probably have a special set of kitchenware you use for specific occasions like the holidays and it’s important to keep them shiny and spotless. Make sure to spare some time to polish your silverware, remove tarnish and wax and clean and display your wine glasses carefully so they would be ready for the next special event.

Let It Air Out

Last, but certainly not the least is giving your home a few finishing touches. After all that cooking, smoking and drinking during the holidays and all the cleaning products you’ve used to clean it all up, it will be necessary to aerate your home and rid it from all the smells. While it might be a bit chilly to open up your windows and doors, you can always add some air purifiers to your home. If you are having doubts when it comes to choosing the best type, it is always good to check the air purifier rating, so you would be sure that you’re choosing only the best quality for your home.

Once the holidays are over and all fun comes to an end, we’re bound to face the horrifying reality of the real world. Certainly, one of the most tedious things we’ll have to do is clean our houses from top to bottom and make them representable once again. Fortunately, these few tips can help you spruce up your house in no time.

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