5 Tips for Keeping a Construction Project On Time and On Budget

There is no construction sob story more common than a schedule and budget blow out. When things go wrong (and they will go wrong), it’s important to be one step ahead, so your project can mop up the spilt milk without crying. Here are five tips to help you make it to the finish line.

construction project

It is impossible to keep a project on time and on budget unless you
have a very detailed understanding of exactly what that entails.

Understand the Project’s Cashflow

This means making a comprehensive list of expenses that you will experience during your construction project. Remember to include indirect costs that might not initially occur to you, such as delivery costs, fence rental, or even parking. This list should be broken up by date so it is possible to see when expenses will be incurred, and compare the timing with when you will receive further funding. This can be vital when considering construction equipment – buying your own machines outright may burst through your budget, but some companies like hyundai construction equipment offer monthly payment options that fit more easily into your budget, and can be cheaper than renting overall.

Make “The Plan”

It is impossible to keep a project on time and on budget unless you have a very detailed understanding of exactly what that entails. You plan should strive to include as much structure as possible, however it is vital that you leave buffer space for contingencies. Room between estimated completion and deadlines is essential; otherwise delay can feel like a car crash with no airbag.

Assemble a Team

This may seem excruciatingly obvious, but it has actually been the downfall of many construction projects. There is nothing that will cause more delay and expense to your project than an inability to find staff. If your construction project requires workers with an unusual specialized skill, make sure you ensure they are on board before construction begins, even if they won’t be needed until later. Once you have hired your crack team, make sure you stay in constant communication, and always leave your door open. Losing staff midway can be disastrous for any schedule as well as simply being unpleasant.

Establish Good Relationships with Your Suppliers

It is a deepest wish of most project managers is that supplies would simply appear outside their construction project without having to deal with the complex breed known as “suppliers.” However, until that happens, buying from multiple suppliers is a reality that construction projects have to deal with. Keep your communications with your suppliers orderly – always pay on time, and make sure that you keep all receipts and documentation neatly stored in chronological order. Try and comply with your suppliers’ requests when able, that way when a dispute arises (and a dispute will arise), it’s more like to be resolved in your favour.

Change “The Plan”

Earlier I stressed the importance of making a detailed plan. Now I am going to stress the importance of throwing that plan out the window, and making a new, just as detailed plan for the remainder of the project. When things go awry, flogging a dead plan will only create greater delay and budget explosion. Create a new one, with a focus on damage control. Allocate more manpower to those areas which are falling behind, or compensate for delays in one area by getting ahead elsewhere.

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  1. aside from the budget, proper supplies and project layout plan, i agree with you that skilled and reliable staffs/workers are needed in order to finish the construction project on time 🙂

  2. These tips are helpful not only for building engineers/project managers but also for us who’s planning to have our own house constructed. It’s really important to be prepared and have back-up plan in case Plan A fails.

  3. This article would also be very helpful to those who are having their homes built. Homeowners usually just leave everything in the hands of their architects. However, they should also be aware of how the construction is progressing.

  4. This reminds me when my Mom’s house was being built, my Uncle did not have a laid out plan so the construction of the house took so long..

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