5 Ways to Deal with Stress at Work

Workplace stress is an epidemic. According to the American Psychological Association, it costs American companies an estimated $300 billion annually. But though stress may seem like a black hole, there are ways it can be managed and even overcome. Here are some suggestions.

deal with stress

It’s important in preventing stress turning into worse
problems, such as anxiety and depression.

Get Organized

The classic catchphrase of the stressed is “too much to do, too little time.” Having multiple tasks with multiple due dates to complete at once can seem terrifying and intimidating. Begin reducing stress by breaking your workload into achievable segments. Make sure each section can be accomplished in a defined time period, whether it be a day, or a week. Next, identify which tasks take priority. Then order those from most to least urgent. Yes, I just asked you to prioritize your priorities. Set a deadline for each component. By the time you have finished this activity, you should already feel that overwhelmed feeling beginning to diminish. But getting organized isn’t just about tasks. Keeping your workspace ordered and clutter free is also vital. Why get stressed over finding a piece of paperwork when you don’t need to?

Talk to Others

Keeping your feelings to yourself may seem like the Humphrey Bogart way to deal with stress, but in reality communication is essential for finding relief. It’s also important in preventing stress turning into worse problems, such as anxiety and depression. You don’t have to have a deep and meaningful, even simply chatting about your personal life with your coworker will help you lift your mood.

Live Healthy

Living healthy is scientifically proven to reduce your level of stress. This has four components. First, get adequate sleep. Lack of sleep will heighten your emotions and lower your ability to concentrate. Second, each a healthy and balanced diet. Missing essentials such as vitamin D will instantly lower your mood, and others like lack of iron will send you to sleep. Third, exercise three to four times a week. Constant exercise may seem like a chore, but the benefits are well attested to. Exercise produces endorphins, and, for the insomniacs out there, makes sleep come far more easily. Four, make sure your workplace is ergonomic. If the person who designed your office has completed an OHS course like that offered at HBA Learning Centres Australia, then this box is probably already ticked. If not, make sure your chair, monitor and desk height prevent slumping or overreaching.

Avoid Interruptions

Earlier in this article, I told you to break down your tasks into achievable segments. However, this fore planning is useless unless you actually have the ability to complete these tasks sequentially. When you are being productive it is important not to let yourself by interrupted, whether by phone, email or other method, with new tasks you need to accomplish. Finish one thing before you move onto the next – that way you can tick it off your list and glory in that feeling of satisfaction.

Understand Your Stress

Every person experiences stress differently, and find different forms of relief. If you’ve tried the suggestions above you may have found some far more effective than others. It’s important to understand your stress. This means knowing the triggers, but more importantly, knowing what methods best help you to achieve solace. This, above all else, will give you the greatest ability to control it.

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  1. other ways to deal with stress is through yoga, unwinding via a good body massage or to play with a pet after a tiring day 🙂

  2. Stress is very dangerous to our health that´s why when I feel that I am stressing out I always try to relax and take a deep breath. Thanks for this helpful tips I am sure many people will benefits from this post.

  3. I am sop glad that I am not doing office job anymore, I used to get stressed out especially during enrolment and graduation days lol. Getting organized is very important.

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