7 Excellent Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

If a first-time home seller is not careful, it becomes easy to lose money on a home rather than make some. From throwing in extras to make a deal too sweet to resist to spending valuable money on getting the home camera-ready, selling a home can quickly become financially burdensome.

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“If a first-time home seller is not careful, it becomes easy
to lose money on a home rather than make some.”

Thankfully, for first-time home sellers, there are tips that can be followed to help make the home selling process a bit easier as well as more profitable.

Tip #1: Don’t Price the Home Too High

Many first-time sellers make the mistake of pricing their homes too high. They do this with the belief that they can come down in their price and still make a hefty profit. Problem is, with the price too high, a seller will lose out on a large number of potential buyers. For example, say a seller is willing to sell the home for $125,000 but sets the initial price at $140,000. Buyers who use online sites to search for homes may include their highest buying price at $125,000; therefore, they will not see the home because its price is too high. Setting a realistic price the first time around will ensure the highest amount of prospect buyers.

Tip #2: Identify a Target Market

First-time home sellers should hire an agent to help sell their homes. In doing so, the agent will become responsible for identifying and advertising to a target market. With a target market, it becomes much easier for the home to sell in a short amount of time.

Tip #3: Take Plenty of Photos

No matter the way sellers go about promoting the selling of their homes, either through an agent or by themselves, it is imperative that the advertising methods used include lots of photos. Buyers will want to know what they are looking at before they actually visit a home. Without pictures, it may seem that the home is not worth showing off.

Tip #4: Leave Behind the Hard to Move Items

To sweeten the deal, sellers should include hard to move items in their selling price. Such items can include anything from mounted TVs, washers and dryers and dishwashers; however, don’t leave behind nothing that isn’t worth losing money on.

Tip #5: Keep the Home Clean

If a potential buyer visits the home and the house is a wreck, this is will be a good indication that the home was not properly cared for; this can be a major deal breaker. The entire time that the home is for sell, it should be cleaned on a daily basis, including vacuumed, swept and mopped, dusted and windows cleaned.

Tip #6: Make the Home Move-In Ready

A major selling point is keeping the home move-in ready because buyers will be more apt to purchase a home that is completely ready for them to move into. Keeping the home move-in ready includes replacing all light bulbs, completing any repairs that need to take place and much more.

Tip #7: Be Willing to Lose Money

Some homes simply won’t make money for the sellers. It is pertinent that first-time home sellers prepare themselves for this possibility. If losing money is a factor that cannot be reckoned with, a first-time seller should probably sit tight and reconsider selling the home.

Antoinette Marks, A Real Estate Freelance Copywrite, He has contributed to various real estate blogs and news sites, and shares the tricks of the trade with the public is something that gives him great joy.

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