A Reminder About Attitude



“It is easy to worry about many things. And almost everyone has something to worry about.”

Last night I slept really late, or really early, because it was already around 2 am. I had to finish some work for a client. But instead of sleeping in, I woke up early today to continue working. I wanted to do it earlier, but my eyes are just too sore from the almost non-stop work in front of my computer last night.

And so today, I made my morning coffee and then got to work almost immediately.

While I was trying to rush my work, I started thinking about my attitude towards a certain client. Although I do get perks with this client, but it is just that the people there can sometimes make my life difficult. It seems that because they hire you from time to time, then they just about own you. I had tough times with them that I got to the point that I was really stressed out. I no longer want to answer their phone calls.

But then I thought, I have to change my attitude towards them. I need to think that I am working for God and not for people.

You see, I got a text message from them last night that I need to re-do some of their ads. Although that is a perfectly sound request, the words used were really harsh. So my mind started to think crazy thoughts again.

But this morning, I decided that I will change my attitude towards them and every client that I have. And I will just do it.

Just when I was thinking about this, I heard loud chirping outside our bedroom window. In the stillness of our bedroom, I could hear the birds clearly. And despite my mind racing to finish my work, I noticed them. So I got up and checked the chirping.

It was a small yellow bird chirping happily while perched on a low branch. I smiled. Then another one flew past. And another one. There were three of them! No wonder they made so much noise! But theirs was a happy noise. And I could not help but smile and say “Thank you.”

Yes! I believe that God has sent me a message this morning. It was like an affirmation of what I was thinking and the decision that I just made.

Thank you Lord.

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

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