Ahhhh…Life is a Beach

Beach wedding pictorial

During our wedding day, we had a photo shoot at a resort near the beach. Isn't the scenery just lovely?

If I were given the chance of living off a trust fundand just living smartly to get by, I would be living on a beach, like a beach bum maybe in Boracay or the Caribbean.

That is because whenever my mind wanders during some idle time, my imagination would always take me to a beach scene–nice sunny beach with a colorful palette: white sand, bright blue skies, green palm trees, colorful sailboats, striped lounging chairs on the sunbathing deck, bright bikini tops and multi-colored sarong skirt, wide brim hats tied with a dark ribbon, and wide rimmed dark glasses. To make this picture more luxurious, add a lei of frangipanni on my neck and a single flower on my ear while I read an uplifting book. I would sip pina colada from time to time, sometimes glancing at my perfectly bronzed skin.

Indeed, that is my picture of living the high life. I don’t think of the dazzling cosmo life in Beverly Hills or Milan, or the Royal balls of England, or the connoisseur life of the French. But instead, whenever I get to think of the good life, my mind pictures the life of a tourist on an island. I dunno why.

But you see, ever since I was a child, I would sometimes take out a folding bed and lie under our coconut trees in the moonlight. Looking at the swaying leaves of the coconut trees, I imagine myself in the beach. To complete the daydream (or nightdream for that matter) I would wear shorts with tropical prints and a sleeveless top. Ahhhh…

Maybe it is the calmness and serenity of the undulating blue sea that makes this scene truly beckoning for me.

I don’t know…but for me…Life is indeed a beach.

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  1. aaaaaahhh….hehehhee…. mag puli ko dira gid ko ma kadto nang… beach!!! hehe…

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