Be Surrounded with Happy People

My words for you today is: Be Surrounded with Happy People. Is life weighing your down? Then the people around you are just bringing much lower than you already are? Then it is time to find your family or friends that make you feel better. These are the people who are bubbly and fun to […]

Remove Clutter and Free Up Surfaces

Who doesn’t have clutter? Perhaps everyone who has a home and with children will have clutter. No matter how you try to pack them away, it will just come back. However, if you will never pack away your stuff, it will just pile up there and will gather dust. And eventually, dust mites will live […]

Cleaning and Dusting Our Bedroom

You know what is stressing me lately? Cleaning and dusting our bedroom. While I don’t have a problem with occasionally cleaning our room, I just go nuts if I have to do it everyday. But the thing is, it is just so dusty around here. We live in a commercial district and now, there are […]

Freely Give, Freely Receive

Last Sunday, the message of Ray-an Fuentes at the His Life worship service was about the verse John 10:10. And he said something that the way he lives his life is through faith. He also lives through God’s provision, according to His glorious riches. Anyway, he did mention about “Freely give, freely receive.” It is […]

KTV Night with Girl Friends

For the first time in many years, I had a girls’ night out with some old friends and we rented a KTV Room at the Wave Lounge of the Westown Hotelat San Juan Street, Bacolod City. Their KTV Room could be rented for three hours at P1,500 and was consumable. I think it was great […]