Back Aches, Sauna and a Combination Massage

I had a really bad back ache and I know that I was due for a massage. But it seems that I couldn’t even get away for a couple of hours to get one. And add to that, I was kinda having second thoughts because of the expense–I am saving up for something you know.

Thanks to a good samaritan, I got a free gift certificate for a massage. Hubby was an angel and allowed me to have some time for myself, so thank you, Babe!

But when I got to the spa, instead of just getting a massage, I opted to spend some time in the sauna as well. That was some quality “me” time in there. Their sauna was very hot and it really relieved some muscle pains. I just made sure that I was hydrated the whole time. My back pain was also relieved a bit.

Then I chose the combination massage instead of my usual Swedish because I wanted some pressing and stretching aside from just kneading. And I was very happy with the result.

I was very happy to have that outing to myself. I had some quality “me” time, my backache was relieved, and you know what–it seems that the heat of the sauna also relieved the pressure in my ears! Love the feeling! I should do this more often.

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