Baguio and Bulacan: Top Picks for Northern Living

Though city life is at hand, the laid-back vibe of Baguio and Bulacan screams for a more serene and relaxing atmosphere. It’s nice to escape the city sometimes and go home to relax after work.

Baguio CityBaguio City

A harmonious blend of a peaceful suburban lifestyle and the convenience of city life is hard to find. But cities north of Metro Manila, particularly Bulacan and Baguio City, are the perfect combination of the two.

If you are looking for a touch of nature and greeneries but couldn’t give up the excitement of city life, try relocating up north to Bulacan or Baguio. Aside from being relatively near the metro via NLEX and TPLEX, they are among those enjoying evident progress and attention to better living.

Peaceful Mornings

Imagine sipping a cup of coffee every morning with fresh air blowing through your face. Sounds impossible with the degree of pollution and an increase in vehicle congestion in the Metro. But Baguio, being known for its cooler weather, promises a more satisfying coffee drinking experience with the cold fresh breeze. While Bulacan doesn’t have this kind of weather advantage, the greeneries in the area provide fresh air, especially after a quick morning jog.

Amenities for Boosting City Life

Numerous shopping malls, hospitals, business developments, and educational institutions are spurring all around Baguio and Bulacan. A multitude of food establishments is also flooding these cities. If you are an adventurous foodie, Baguio City is a haven of various cuisines.

If you are more a fan of Filipino food, Bulacan is the perfect place to have a food trip. Being surrounded by Pampanga, Aurora, and Manila, it is a melting pot of Filipino cuisine and culture.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Though city life is at hand, the laid-back vibe of Baguio and Bulacan screams for a more serene and relaxing atmosphere. It’s nice to escape the city sometimes and go home to relax after work. Unlike the noisy ambiance in the metro, Baguio and Bulacan offer more peaceful and quiet evenings for you to rest after a day of exhaustive work.

Housing and Condominiums on the Rise

Whether you are a fan of condo living or the common house and lot, Baguio and Bulacan have a lot of housing varieties to offer.

Live right next to a mall at SMDC’s Cheer Residences conveniently located beside SM Marilao. There’s Amaia Steps Altaraza, a mid-rise condominium in San Jose Del Monte. Or enjoy an exclusive neighborhood near an array of business establishments at Avida Settings Altaraza, also in San Jose Del Monte.

Through the years, Baguio has also been enjoying significant real estate development offering more residential spaces. Open your windows to the majestic mountains and towering pine trees in the Outlook Ridge Residences of DMCI. Wake up to a view of lush greeneries and sleep to a stunning view of city lights at Moldex Residences situated in Marcos Highway. You can also get close to Baguio’s top universities at Vista Pinehill Residences, which is the latest project in the University series of Vista Residences.

Weekend Getaways Don’t Need to be Far

If you are craving for a mini weekend unwinding, Baguio is beaming with tourist destinations. There are the famous parks of Burnham, Mines view, and Camp John Hay, and the newer ones such as Mount Costa in La Trinidad, and Butterfly Park. It is also strategically located near the beautiful beaches of La Union, which is just a two-hour drive from the city center.

While Baguio is recognized as a tourist destination, Bulacan also has its secret wonders. If you are itching for a getaway not far from your home, try taking on a refreshing dip in the breathtaking Vervidia Falls, enjoy a picnic at the dams of Bulacan, visit rich historical sites such as the Barasoain church, or go biking in the towns of Norzagaray and San Rafael with a view of stunning rock formations and terrains. If you are looking for a staycation, head over to the San Rafael River Adventure for their Glamping and dine in a floating “balsa” restaurant while watching the sunset in the Angat River.

Progressive than Ever

According to the latest data from the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), Baguio’s total exports grew to 75.2% in 2017 from 2016. Trade and industry have also shown progress at 2.58% increase due to the number of business establishments opening in the area. And with the newest tourist destination set to open this 2018, the Skyranch Baguio is expected to grow the tourism industry of the city even more.

Bulacan is also in the middle of President Duterte’s “Build, Build, Build” project. The first phase of the North-South Commuter Railway (NSCR) project will connect Tutuban to Malolos, Bulacan. Once this project is completed, commuters from Tutuban will reach Malolos in 35 minutes. Aside from this, the completion of the MRT-7 by 2020 is expected to cut travel time from Manila to Bulacan by 75 percent. These projects would make Bulacan an even more inviting investing hub and propel the increase in the province’s economic growth.

There you have it! Make Bulacan or Baguio your home away home. We guarantee that you won’t miss much of your city life but will instead enjoy the lovely rural charm as an added bonus.

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