BE GREEN: DIY Solar Energy Projects for the Home

Although some have already started to go green by using solar energy in lieu of electricity generated from fossil fuels to power appliances in their homes, most remain hesitant doing the switch thinking that opting to use solar energy is expensive. It is true that solar panels can be costly and difficult to install but there are other ways we can take advantage of solar energy to lessen our carbon footprint. Now’s the time to read more about DIY solar energy projects you can do at home.

One way to go green is to maximize your use of Solar Lighting. You may install skylights or picture windows to take advantage of natural lighting to illuminate your home. These projects are best left to the professionals though so save your DIY skills to replacing incandescent lighting with LED lights which consume a lot less electricity. For tool sheds or outhouses, you may try installing your own Soda Pop Bottle Solar Lighting. All you need is an old soda pop plastic bottle, water, a bit of bleach to prevent algae growth in the water, and glue. This disperses light effectively and can illuminate small spaces without consuming electricity. Know more about this at

DIY solar energy

Solar Cooker: Quite easy and inexpensive to build.
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Another DIY solar energy project you can do at home is building your own Solar Cooker. This is also quite easy and inexpensive to build. The simplest ones can be built using cardboard, aluminium foil, and tempered glass and can be used to cook food, dry fish or grain, or boil water. If you want to build your own solar box cooker, here are the basic components you need:

1.Box – This can be made of cardboard or plywood. I suggest you use plywood if you can for durability. You would need two boxes with about 2-inches difference in all dimensions. The smaller box is to be placed inside the bigger one with insulating material to be placed between them.

2.Insulator – The insulating material to be placed between the two boxes can be Perlite or regular fiberglass insulating material.

3.Reflector – Your reflector can be made of ordinary glass mirror, aluminium foil, or reflective mylar. Any of these materials can effectively reflect solar light into your oven.

4.Glass – The glass cover is an essential part of your solar cooker as this will be the one to trap solar heat inside. A ¼” tempered glass is best used for this function.

This DIY Solar Energy cooker is very easy to do that even children can make one for their Science projects. Moreover, this is inexpensive ways to make direct use of solar energy and lessen your carbon footprint.

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