Be Surrounded with Happy People

Happy Face

Happy Face

My words for you today is: Be Surrounded with Happy People.

Is life weighing your down? Then the people around you are just bringing much lower than you already are?

Then it is time to find your family or friends that make you feel better. These are the people who are bubbly and fun to be with. But they they are not reckless or careless–you have to know the difference.

The happy people are just happy despite their problems. No, they are not trying to deny them–they just choose to be happy in spite of them. I say that you should be careful those who are happy because they are careless and reckless because instead of lifting your spirits up, they can lead you to do things that you might regret later on. They don’t care what happens to you anyway. They are the spur-of-the-moment kinds that just want to have fun in the present without thinking of the consequences later on.

So if you are feeling down right now, connect with the right kinds of happy people. You will be glad you did because not only will you be lifted up from your negative emotions, they will also help build you up.

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  1. We do need to surround ourselves with happy people. The negative energy of pessimists does tend to rub off on us. Makes me begin to wonder if I’m one of those negative people whom others are trying to avoid like the plague! 🙂

  2. hahaha ur funny pep! what makes you think that?

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