Why Boot Scrapers Are Still The Best

A boot scraper, as its name suggests, is used to scrape mud and dirt off the shoes. If you are a gardener you know the importance of this small piece added to your backyard. While you can dedicate yourself to a looming beautiful garden, your house can also remain squeaky clean. After all, who wouldn’t agree that the place for a garden is outside your home, and there is no need of carrying the untidy part of it with you inside.

boot scraper

Boot scraper can be a nice architectural addition that
can enhance the old school appeal of the house.
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The utility of a boot scraper goes beyond scraping mud from your boot. This is especially true if you live in the part of the world that gets snow covered every winter. During such extreme winter months you can easily count on a boot scraper to scrape off the last bit of snow that your boots would otherwise bring home every time you step outside.

Historically, it is believed that this tiny piece of convenience rose to prominence in eighteenth century France. Back then the sophisticated French society knew how handy a small boot scraper could be. Etymologically, the French counterpart for boot scraper is ‘decrottoir’, which literally means ‘excrement remover’. Gradually, it became a popular addition to other European homes in the same century and finally crossed the oceans to be adopted by the US.

This was also the time when strolling through the thoroughfares was considered a fashionable indulgence among the affluent of the society. They were quick to realise that cleaning the dirt off one’s boots was too big a task for the doormats alone. Hence it wasn’t long before almost every house had its handy addition in front of the front door whether it had a garden or not.

Apart from its obvious cleaning purposes, boot scrapers present themselves as an interesting work of vintage art to people who are fascinated by architecture. This is because many houses had boot scrapers designed by the architects in order to match the very look and design of the house. Today, these ‘ancient’ boot scrapers have emerged as one of the choicest objects for photographers in quest of capturing the past in a few frames.

Many would try to question the importance of a boot scraper in a modern twenty-first century home. Our answer? Convenience never goes out of fashion. If you have a garden, you would know its importance instantly. Even if you are not a gardening aficionado you can still use it to keep your home clean by leaving the dirt where it is supposed to be, which is outside.

If you have a house that has the flavour of the bygone days, a boot scraper can be a nice architectural addition that can enhance the old school appeal of the house. These days you have the option to choose the perfect boot scraper from a number of designs. What’s more, since they have to withstand the combined effect of dirt and weather, these are made with durable material that would last a very long time. You can check out a nice collection at the Mega Garden Store.

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