Breathing Exercises

There are times when I would catch myself not breathing for some moments. And even if I do, these are short breaths that are rapid and are making me stressed because I am actually huffing and puffing.

A good way to relax is to take deep breaths. If you are working in an office and you face the computer almost all day, the best thing to do to relax is to close your eyes for a minute or two, straighten your back, and take deep breaths at a slow, regular intervals.

This will encourage the circulation of blood that is laden with oxygen to your brain and will pump it up for more thought processes. Your body will also feel very relaxed. Take this time to stretch your arms, back and neck so that you will not feel sore by the end of the day.

Breathing is a free, easy, and powerful tool to relax. It is readily available to us as long as we are alive. The only thing is that we have to be deliberate in taking deep breaths.

Wherever you are, relax. 😀

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