Make Space in Your Home with Budget-friendly Storage for Your Garage

An Ipsos Mori study which investigated whether today’s houses adequately cater for the singles, couples or families that live in them has revealed that most people don’t “have enough suitable storage space in their homes.”

Where does everything go? Well, according to a survey by insurance firm, Aviva, two-thirds of homeowner’s are stashing approximately “£3,429 worth of items in their garage,” and leaving their car on the street.

It makes sense. When it comes to finding space for everything, a garage is far more accessible than a loft but there are a few ways that garage space can be organised to allow enough space for all that ‘stuff’ and maybe even the car too.

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Here’s a few tips on how to make the most of your garage space on a budget:

Tools and Gardening Equipment

Almost every garage has tools stashed in it but if they’re not properly stored, they’re likely to rust, seize-up or become a hazard to inquisitive kids or the family pets.

Keep everything and everyone safe and prolong the life of your tools with the right storage. Pallet, cantilever or vertical racks are ideal for storing lengthy items like garden canes, brooms, ladders or rakes.

Valuable tools or breakables like garden pots can be protected and secured in wall or floor mounted lockable steel cabinets.

For all those other DIY accessories like nails, screws, batteries and any other bits and pieces, wall-mounted louvre panels with picking or tilt bins keep everything neat, tidy and out of reach.


Your garage is the perfect place to stow bulky bits of play equipment and clear the house of kiddy clutter.

Trikes, bikes and slides can all be easily stored on wall or floor-mounted galvanised shelf racks.

Heavy-duty plastic boxes provide a simple and low-cost solution for smaller items like kites, balls and paddling pools. Opt for those with secure lids which stack together, they keep your contents safe without taking up too much floor space.

Sports Equipment

Need somewhere to store your sledge or canoe? What about those fold-away goal posts or cricket stumps?

With the right storage you can keep all your sports kit organised but more importantly, in great condition so that it’s ready for use in any season that you need it.

Stash anything that you only use occasionally out of the way on ceiling or wall-mounted shelving or heavy duty hooks. For items that are likely to deteriorate in damp conditions, use plastic storage boxes with lids.


In every home there is one box (or many) crammed with keepsakes; with those items which have no cash value but which you’d rescue first if your house ever caught fire.

With the right storage you can protect any sort of memorabilia from damp and dust. Lockable, wall-mounted cabinets help keep items secure and protected from theft, while a floor standing cabinet could give you an extra surface to work or stack boxes on.


If you have hazardous, flammable or toxic substances such as paints, white spirits or weedkiller that you need to store, a lockable steel cabinet is ideal.

By locking chemicals away, you reduce the potential for leaks, spills and cross-contamination and prevent children or pets from illness or injury.

Once you’re done, your garage will be an organised haven of ‘stuff’ which is so tidy that you might just find space to park your car in it too.

For budget-friendly storage solutions or more advice on how to maximise the space in your garage, contact the friendly team at Rapid Racking who can supply you with everything you need to live clutter-free.

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