When Building and Project Conditions Need Assessment

It is impossible to pan for every difficulty that can arise in building projects, but reaching a solution can be done quickly. Engineering level analysis is often needed to determine the condition of a building, bring solutions to problems and help you get buildings built or rehabilitated safely.


New Construction Analysis and Planning

The goal of each construction project is to create a stable, usable end product. There are times that the best plans and schematics run into snags that require expert analysis to get the job done right. This is when the expertise of engineers with years of field experience can get things back on track. They can provide deep analysis into what the problems are and help discover workable solutions.

Older Construction Integrity and Consulting

Buildings that are aged and have been sitting a while might not be structurally sound. There is the possibility that initial work needs to be done to make the working environment safe. A thorough building condition survey will show where there are weaknesses and the best routes to fix them. This is a critical part of looking out for the safety of everyone on the various work crews. It is a sound and wise investment.

Construction Failure Analysis

When parts of the construction project have failed it might be risky to send crews in to fix and repair damage. A building stability and soundness analysis is a great idea so that you will know the extent of the damage and how to safely go about getting the project moving forward again. It is critical to know whether there have been faulty materials used or the resulting problem was due to lack of proper construction technique. The answers will let you know how deep the fix needs to be in order to complete the project to the specifications desired.

Troubleshooting Construction Problems

A seasoned engineer is exactly what your project needs when there are construction problems that are difficult to assess. The fix may not be as difficult or expensive as you think. A qualified engineer will be able to accurately determine the problem and suggest a course of action to correct and get your construction project finished timely.

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