A Reminder About Attitude

“It is easy to worry about many things. And almost everyone has something to worry about.” Last night I slept really late, or really early, because it was already around 2 am. I had to finish some work for a client. But instead of sleeping in, I woke up early today to continue working. I […]

Being Prepared and Getting Preparations in Order

Being prepared like a Girl Scout. I like being prepared. That is one thing I learned from my mother. Following in my Spanish grandfather’s footsteps, my mother has that upbringing. When we need to go somewhere the next day, the things needed for that day should be prepared the day before. Mother doesn’t like cramming […]

Sharing What We Have to Others

White Cerbera …and put it at the apostles’ feet, and it was distributed to anyone as he had need.– Acts 4:35 I just think that in biblical times, people were incredible. Just take a look at the above verse for instance. The people at that time were so filled with the Holy Spirit that those […]

A Video on Disciple-Making in Church

Doing Everything While Involving God

A lot of us do not really think of God as someone who wants to take part in our everyday affairs. While we may be Christians who believe in God and the Bible, we sometimes just limit His involvement in our lives, thinking that He is too big a God to care for everything about […]