Counting Your Blessings

I am publishing part of a forwarded e-mail and it is just so nice. Sometimes we complain so much that we forget how blessed we are. This is not so that we can look down on people who have less but so that we can look up to God thank Him for all His blessings. […]

Life is Unfair So Deal With It

There are two things baffling me now. Situation No. 1 – The meanie with sharp words, twisted perception, and negative attitude gets praised and even approved by persons in authority. Such person is moneyed. Situation No. 2 – The kind and generous person who touches lives gets maligned, ridiculed, talked about, and even considered outcast. […]

We Are Blessed to Bless Again

This year, my daughter joined the mother church’s Christmas presentation by the children’s choir. We had been playing the songs for the show every time we ride the car so we all have memorized the lyrics, including the speaking lines. One of the songs was entitled, “We’re Blessed to Bless Again.” We sang it always […]

Cell Group, Church Fellowship, Gathering, Whatever Group

In a while, we will be leaving for our Wednesday cell group. It is a church-based group that we meet with each week. For this one, it is comprised of couples. We have a material based on the Family Life series. We deal with problems in marriages, parenting, finances, and pretty much all the problems […]

Freely Give, Freely Receive

Last Sunday, the message of Ray-an Fuentes at the His Life worship service was about the verse John 10:10. And he said something that the way he lives his life is through faith. He also lives through God’s provision, according to His glorious riches. Anyway, he did mention about “Freely give, freely receive.” It is […]