Could You Benefit from Attending Gardening School?

It is one thing to have a passion for gardening, but it’s quite another to have the knowledge to back that passion up. Here we discover why attending proper classes could make all the difference. How much do you know about gardening? Moreover, and perhaps more relevant to many, how much would you like to […]

The Basics of Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is not a new concept, although it is currently emerging as a popular trend. Actually people were using organic techniques to grow food back at the ancient times. Organic gardening evolved as a natural outcome of the raising concerns about the food quality and the impact of toxic chemicals on the environment. Whether […]

Turn Your Home Green with Low Maintenance Plants

It has been decades since scientists gave warnings on the ill effects of green house gases yet the rising level of carbon dioxide emissions still remain a foremost concern for environmentalists. Since we all live in the same planet, it is in our best interest to contribute in the efforts to reduce carbon dioxide levels […]

Unearthing the Best Fertilizer for Your Garden

Plants need nutrients from soil to grow and flourish. Unfortunately, soil minerals aren’t always enough to foster a healthy growth. Every garden owner would have to learn how to nourish or fertilize their soil for a healthy and beautiful garden. In choosing fertilizers for the garden one must consider the type of soil used and […]

Cultivating Culinary Herbs in Your Kitchen

Plants or greenery are classic decorative elements that can be found in most houses. When it comes to decorating the kitchen, culinary herbs are not just popular but practical as well. These are herbs that are commonly used in cooking and add flavor to dishes. Instead of buying them in the grocery on a regular […]