What to Do With Your Garden Once Winter Is Over

As the colder months are drawing to a close, it’s time to start preparing for the springtime and beyond. The truth is winter can be a difficult time for any garden and you’ll have to supply some tender loving care so it revitalises in time for the warmer temperatures. This can be done quite easily […]

Why Boot Scrapers Are Still The Best

A boot scraper, as its name suggests, is used to scrape mud and dirt off the shoes. If you are a gardener you know the importance of this small piece added to your backyard. While you can dedicate yourself to a looming beautiful garden, your house can also remain squeaky clean. After all, who wouldn’t […]

How to Make an Open Pile Organic Compost in Your Garden

Starting an organic compost pile in your garden is an eco-friendly way of disposing your organic garbage and make rich soil out of it which you can use for your plants. There are actually a lot of ways to start an organic compost, you can simply work on a pile on the ground or use […]

Famous Plants

Famous Plants We see plants everywhere. They grow in the wilds or in manicured gardens, from outdoor monsters through to indoor plants in offices. These plants adapt to their environment. But there are some plants that look strange or weird and such development was caused by the plant’s inability to adapt to their environment causing […]

Riding Mower Advantages

Summer is approaching and the lawn will be in very bad shape. The grasses will stop to grow and will be dormant for 3 months. This means a long break from pushing a slow mower in the blistering heat of the summer. But a lawn without grasses is not a lawn, my grandfather used to say. […]