Sustainable Office Design for a Greener Tomorrow

In the last few years, sustainability and eco-friendliness are slowly making its way into office design and etiquette. Going “green” is a huge trend that is very beneficial for everyone from workers and business owners to our struggling planet. Yes, sustainable office design can also boost employees’ productivity and well-being: scientists from Exeter University conducted […]

Protecting Your Beautiful Palm Trees

Being a subtropical state, Florida is replete with gorgeous palm trees. And that’s probably why you’re reading this article, as you too have one or more clusters of palm trees growing happily on your property that you hope to watch grow old as you retire. In spite of being a Florida staple, they are quite […]

The Most Eco-Friendly Ways to Drive

Although there are a number of environmental issues which are associated with driving a vehicle, sometimes driving is unavoidable, even for the eco-friendliest of people. However, at those times it is possible to increase your fuel efficiency and reduce your carbon emissions by ensuring that you practice eco-friendly driving strategies. Image source: Pexels Keep Up […]

5 Ways Your Business Can Help the Environment

From reduced costs and boosted morale to standing out from the competition, going green can have a plethora of benefits for any business. Are you looking for a few simple ways to make a difference? You’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find five ideas on how to get started! Go Paperless Where Possible […]

Creating Eco-friendly Living Spaces One Fixture at a Time

The conscious effort to help save the environment has gotten a lot of people to transform their homes into eco-friendly living spaces. Aside from being able to protect the environment, these green converts also get to enjoy savings on utility costs as well as health friendly surroundings. Unfortunately, this transformation would also entail a significant […]