Green Homes for a Greener Planet

Building a green house or renovating to make the house greener is a trend that has persisted for the past couple of years. In studies conducted by realtors and home builders’ groups, energy efficiency is one of the features homeowners want in a home. People put more premium on homes that are designed to be […]

BE GREEN: DIY Solar Energy Projects for the Home

Although some have already started to go green by using solar energy in lieu of electricity generated from fossil fuels to power appliances in their homes, most remain hesitant doing the switch thinking that opting to use solar energy is expensive. It is true that solar panels can be costly and difficult to install but […]

Why Should You have Solar Panels at Home

Recent surges in prices of electricity pushed many homeowners to find cost-effective methods of bringing down their energy consumption. Choosing energy efficient appliance and improving home insulation to lessen air conditioning usage are some measures practiced by home owners to cut down their electric bills. Using alternative energy sources such as solar panels for home […]

How to Make an Open Pile Organic Compost in Your Garden

Starting an organic compost pile in your garden is an eco-friendly way of disposing your organic garbage and make rich soil out of it which you can use for your plants. There are actually a lot of ways to start an organic compost, you can simply work on a pile on the ground or use […]

Understanding the Importance of Residential Recycling

Studies show that the United States produces around 250 million tons of waste per year and about one-fourth of it comes from residential waste.  Statistics show that the need to perform residential recycling has become more important than ever. If continually neglected, more lives will be in danger, especially if the toxic wastes find their […]