How to Create Your Own Urban City Garden

Image Source: Image Source: Has the city life made you boring and tired? Doesn’t it stress you to be trapped between the four walls of your apartment? Well, if the answer is yes, you need to start changing things. But most importantly you need your own small garden. By growing these in the middle […]

Turn Your Home Green with Low Maintenance Plants

It has been decades since scientists gave warnings on the ill effects of green house gases yet the rising level of carbon dioxide emissions still remain a foremost concern for environmentalists. Since we all live in the same planet, it is in our best interest to contribute in the efforts to reduce carbon dioxide levels […]

5 Best Flowering House Plants

Flowering house plants are best for functional decorating. Their benefits go far beyond the aesthetic. They make beautiful decorations while improving the air quality and one’s well being. Below are the best flowering house plants. African Violet – It grows dainty single or double flowers in different shades and combinations several times a year. It […]

Why Sliding Wardrobes Are Ideal For Small Homes

With house prices in London forever elevating, a lot of people are starting to rent. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with renting, it does usually mean having a small living space. There are tons of different ways to maximise space, but this article will provide you with information about the most effective and space […]