Ingenious Ways to Convert Your Attic

There is some sort of magic among attic rooms in a house. They usually remind us of secret passages and forgotten vaults in the movies where we can come across a hidden treasure. While you reflect on a loft of your own now, it might be full with dusty bins with antique books, clothes, and damaged stuff. […]

How to Decorate a Log Cabin for Hunters and Outdoor Adventurers

Image source: 1217077 People who love to roam the forests and go hunting also tend to also enjoy staying in log cabins. After all, this is a terrific place to make a base on an adventurous trip in the country. To make the most of a log cabin and to attract more hunters and […]

Outside Décor as a Reflection of Your Self

An Englishman’s home is his castle, or so the English have been wont to say. But an American’s home is his republic, and as such we take just as much pride in them. Nothing so cements this pride as making the home an outward expression of who we are, ourselves. Our values, our ideals, our […]

Smart Ways to Update Your Garage

Although many people overlook their garage space, it is an important section of real estate. From an aesthetic point of view it has an impact on how a home looks to passersby, and prospective buyers if the house goes on the market – but there’s also a lot of wasted room behind that door. Most […]

How to Decorate Your Patio & Swimming Pool on a Budget

With summer already upon us and the hottest days of the year slowly approaching, it is high-time to start thinking about a bit of redecorating. There is nothing more enjoyable than being able to relax in your own backyard, by your swimming pool, surrounded by nothing but sounds of nature and smell of fresh flowers. […]