Outside Spring Cleaning Projects

It may not feel like it right now in certain parts of the country, but spring is definitely on its way. With that comes the traditional springtime cleaning, as there’s nothing like the emergence of a new season to put you in the mood for improving your home and living space. And as the weather […]

Keeping Out the Cold: Weather Stripping or Door Replacement?

During the winter time, you’re going to become a lot more sensitive to the cold and its effects on your home. In particular, you’re going to feel what happens when you let warm air escape it in your wallet. Most of your house’s heating bills will be caused by heat escaping your house than the […]

Clean Home Is a Happy Home – Winter Edition

Desperate times call for desperate measures! Jokes aside, with the harsher climate approaching and winter just around the corner, it is of big importance to know how to properly equip our homes and make them ready for the upcoming period. One of the most important things when it comes to preparing your home for winter […]

More Living Space: Making Room for Family

A one-room apartment is quite enough when living alone – there is little you need apart from a desk, a bed, a TV and a place for your clothes. However, as you get married and start a family, you need more space not just for your spouse, but for your baby and the clothes, diapers, […]

Preparing Your Home For The Winter

Whether you like it or not, winter is coming our way and you should be ready to welcome the cold weather and harsh conditions. The process of preparing your home for the winter includes tuning the heating system, handling all small repairs, making sure your roof is not leaking and a number of other things. […]