Take Your Home Decorating a Step Further

When decorating their homes, most people have some sort of theme or colour scheme in mind. However, some find it difficult to decide, either because they can’t think of any ideas or because they have too many ideas and can’t make their mind up. The way you decorate your home is important because it should […]

How to Achieve the Perfect Dining Room Lighting

Today, dining rooms are not just used for special occasions and for engaging along with cuisine. A smartly lit dining room can also be a work place for crafts, projects and a casual gathering area where your family have the opportunity to bond and unwind by discussing significant events over meals. Dining room lighting will […]

Window Treatments Like Bamboo Shades to Invest In

The windows are the eyes to your home and can add a special touch to the elegance of a room. The type of window treatments you have in your home truly define it. A room can be simplistic and minimalistic at times, and then take on an air of sophistication and elegance at others, all […]

Cozy Chic – Five Rules for Getting the Look in Your Living Room

Cozy chic, like shabby chic it’s near twin, is quickly becoming one of the most popular traditional decoration styles because it’s comfortable, cute, and offers a lot of customization. Unlike modern decoration it requires no special furniture, and in fact, you could use your grandmother’s if you wanted to. Cozy chic is popular for vintage and retro decorators […]

Why Shabby Chic Works: Reasons to Give Old Furniture a New Life

Your redecorating solutions might be right under your nose. Many people have old furniture hanging around in their sheds and storage rooms. Yet, when they think about redecorating, they immediately think about buying new stuff. There’s some wisdom to going the Shabby Chic route in redecorating. This style was popularized by Rachel Ashwell, an English […]