Speed up Your Surgical Recovery with a Medical Bean Bag

Any sort of surgery can be stressful, but often it’s the recovery period that patients find most demanding. Post-surgical recovery is often experienced as a slow, tiring and uncomfortable process, but physical discomfort can easily be soothed with a supportive medical bean bag. When in hospital, you have the benefit of a hydraulic bed and […]

The Effects of Hyperthermia

It’s expected to be hot this summer. Although the heat can be beneficial to health, too much heat can cause problems. This is especially true for the young and for the elderly. For starters, a person can suffer the effects of hyperthermia. Some of the earliest signs of hyperthermia is feeling confused and fainting. The […]

5 Ways to Deal with Stress at Work

Workplace stress is an epidemic. According to the American Psychological Association, it costs American companies an estimated $300 billion annually. But though stress may seem like a black hole, there are ways it can be managed and even overcome. Here are some suggestions. Get Organized The classic catchphrase of the stressed is “too much to […]

Keep Electricity Costs Down Whilst Benefitting the Environment With Solar Panels

These days, people are trying to use as little electricity as possible because prices are continuing to rise and many are struggling to afford it. Of those who can afford to use electricity without worrying about the bills, many are worried about environmental issues. There are lots of issues people encounter when using electricity at […]

3 Benefits of Seeking Help When You Are Under Stress

Stress. I can’t remember the first time I used the five letter “s” word as a justification for a frayed temper, insomnia, yo-yo’ing body weight and the various other physical and psychological symptoms proffered by this conniving chemical reaction surging through my nervous system. I long ago faced the reality that everybody is stressed; from […]