Sustainable Office Design for a Greener Tomorrow

In the last few years, sustainability and eco-friendliness are slowly making its way into office design and etiquette. Going “green” is a huge trend that is very beneficial for everyone from workers and business owners to our struggling planet. Yes, sustainable office design can also boost employees’ productivity and well-being: scientists from Exeter University conducted […]

Help Students to Concentrate in Lectures

If you are in charge of maintaining a large university or college cinema/lecture area then one of the common problems you probably come across is broken seating. On top of this, frequent usage can often make the seating look tired and even become uncomfortable over time. If your commercial cinema is looking a bit tired, […]

Nature as Your Office Designer

More and more offices are turning to much greener décor and style and that is what this year is all about. Whether you have a home office or you work in one in the town, you should do your best to make it natural. To do this, all you have to do is consult Pantone’s […]

How to Maximize Your Workflow with Smart Office Fit Outs

Image source: Flickr Sometimes when the office environment is not made suitable for your needs, it becomes a bit difficult to function properly and deliver the best results. Productivity in the working space depends on a lot of factors, and one of the most important ones is surely the complete ambient of the office space. […]

How to Make Sure Your Inventory Remains Safe and Secure

Keeping your inventory safe and secure is important to your business as loss of stock can mean big problems, especially if it is occurring a lot. There are a number of ways you can do this, so no matter whether your stock is in the form of information, or if it is physical items, you […]