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In a while, we will be leaving for our Wednesday cell group. It is a church-based group that we meet with each week. For this one, it is comprised of couples. We have a material based on the Family Life series.

We deal with problems in marriages, parenting, finances, and pretty much all the problems that beset couples. We talk about God’s word, our relationship with the Lord, and we pray for each other as needed.

It is good for you to have a group like this that we can be accountable to and who will be accountable for us. We are social beings so it is a “need” to connect to others. But it is also very easy to connect with others who can influence us negatively.

So instead, let us be careful with the associations that we have. Let us have an accountability group that can be a positive influence in our lives. These are the people who we can trust and share our deepest secrets without fear being judged, gossiped or maligned.

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