How to Choose the Best Front Door for Your Home

A front door is the gateway to your interior realm, the first thing people notice as they approach. It is a transitional segment of the facade, an integral part of the house’s curb appeal. But, a quality model does not only add to the visual appeal of the home: It can also boost the value of the home and improve the energy-efficiency of its envelope. There are many models to choose from and more than one criterion that should influence your decision. Therefore, keep your options open.

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Materials matter

A front door, just like any part of the exterior, has to be durable enough to withstand a heavy beating from the elements. Functionality comes first, which means that the material is in focus as well as the quality of the weather-stripping. There is a wide array of quality entry doors worth considering. The three most common options are steel, wood, and fiberglass composite. They are all associated with specific pros and cons.

When it comes to wood, it is an expensive solution that adds luxurious charm, especially with custom or specialized design. Alas, wood always involves upkeep, since it is sensitive to moisture and warping. Then again, durable stains and high-gloss finishes can protect the wood and increase its longevity. It is best to stick to the real deal instead of faux substitutes and models with furniture-grade veneers that are at least 1/16 inch thick.

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Fiberglass composite may not be as beautiful as wood, but its main selling point is durability: it does not crack and warp. What is more, it is almost maintenance-free, includes foam insulation, and comes with quite long warranties. You are free from repaint jobs and stain touchups for years, even in harsh climates and high-traffic areas. On top of it all, the appearance can be customized to mimic natural elements. Price is the only bummer really.

Finally, steel is one of the most affordable and easily the safest option. It has excellent insulating properties, but a shorter lifespan could pose a problem. Minor damage is repairable with an auto-body repair kit, while rust and dents are not as easy to mend. As for the aesthetical side of things, steel doors come in all shapes and sizes and include nice features such as decorative glass windows and various types of grains.

The look and style

As you can see, different materials have variances in energy efficiency, performance, and weather-stripping. Likewise, the same is true for installation, glazing, the threshold system, and flashing. Anyway, once you factor in their functionality, you can move on to take aspects like appearance into account. It goes without saying that the door should complement aesthetics of the home and reflect your taste and personality.

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Do not shy away from going bold because a front door gives you a chance to make a statement. I have seen many vibrant tones and bright doors bringing life to boring facades. Also, bear in mind that it is possible to add a fresh coat of paint and spruce up your gate in case you are not satisfied with the current state of affairs. Depending on your exterior, you could even go for a custom door with a whimsical pattern and make it pop out.

Spoilt for choice

Upgrading a front door is a nice investment that pays off in multiple ways. In one stroke, you can enhance security, insulation, and the visual appeal of the home. With the right choice, you will also make a positive first impression and give guests a taste of what awaits inside. So, assess what kind of weather the door will be exposed to. Stay within the style tone of the house and prioritize durability: Select the material carefully and only then worry about aesthetics. Take the time to shop around and research options.

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