Cleaning and Dusting Our Bedroom

You know what is stressing me lately? Cleaning and dusting our bedroom.

While I don’t have a problem with occasionally cleaning our room, I just go nuts if I have to do it everyday.

But the thing is, it is just so dusty around here. We live in a commercial district and now, there are just so many building constructions going on. And that is taking its toll on our health.

If I cannot clean up in two days, my daughter and I would start sneezing and coughing. And we had just overcome a bout with allergic cough that lasted more than a month! It is really tiresome.

But what I am thinking is that, since I can’t do anything about it, then I guess I have to live with it. Last time, I had been religiously doing it every day, but there came a point that I got so tired. And this I have to do on top of all my other responsibilities. I am getting crazy!

Sigh…patience, patience. I have to keep cleaning our bedroom. Or else, I better get a maid.

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