Colors:Dynamic Elements in Interior Design

Just like in fashion, colors play dynamic role in interior design. Choosing the right colors for your home interior is more than just comparing palettes, collecting swatches and choosing the hues that look pretty well together. Your choice of colors and how you’d like your room to feel tells a lot about yourself  and your deepest needs.

Warm colors are vivid or bold in nature. These are red, shades of orange, yellow and brown. These colors are known to stimulate and excite. These show that you are action oriented and love to socialize. Perfect for family room, living room, dining and kitchen.

brown tan orange yellow color palette

warm colors

Contemporary Living Room design by San Francisco Interior
Designer Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

red and brown colors

Traditional Kitchen designed by Dallas Design Build
Dallas Renovation Group

On the other hand, cool colors are calm and soothing in nature. These are white, pink, shades of blue, green and purple. These are known to give relaxing and calming effect. These colors show that you need inner peace and emotional security. Perfect for lounging areas, lanai, bathrooms and bedrooms. 

blue white turquoise green colors

cool colors

Traditional Living Room design by Boston Interior
Designer Su Casa Designs

pink white hot pink lavender colors

Contemporary Bedroom design by Miami Interior
Designer Dawn Elise Interiors

So, how would you like your home to feel, warm or cool?

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