Common Door Problems and How to Fix Them

As is true in so many other areas of life, the little things really do make all the difference—and it’s amazing just how many of those little things can go wrong at home. Whether you have a stuck door lock, or a cracked windowpane, these minor annoyances can be a major hassle. Most of the door problems on this list won’t require the services of a professional; with a few common materials, basic tools and a bit of ingenuity, you can fix them yourself.

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Sticky Locks

It can be a real pain—a door that sticks every time it’s closed or opened. However, hanging and re-hanging your door or planing the trouble spots can be very time consuming. For a quick fix, tape a piece of carbon paper along the sticking edge; open and then close the door, and the blue of the paper will pinpoint the problems. You can then plane or sand only the areas which need it, and this method can be used on the bottom, side and top of the door.

Squeaky Hinges

If the squeaking of your door makes you believe that you’re in a haunted house, it’s time to fix those hinges. Removing the hinge pin and adding oil is a temporary fix, but for a more enduring silence, remove the pin and coat it in lithium grease. Replace the pin and check the door’s operation; it should work silently. You may even have to lubricate the other hinge.

Misaligned Door

If your bathroom door is binding at one corner, it can be a big problem in more ways than one. To repair it, close the door and check for clearance along the top and sides. See if the hinge mortises are of equal depth; if they aren’t, put a shim under the hinge leave. Repeat as necessary until the mortises are even and the door can swing freely.

Off-track Sliding Glass Door

When your sliding glass door won’t stay on track, it’s more than an inconvenience, it’s a safety issue. Fix it this way: Check to see if the rollers are adjustable, and adjust as needed. You should also check the metal guides, as they can be bent by daily use. Straighten them by pounding a correct-width wooden block in with a mallet.

Drifting Door

If there’s a door in your house that always seems to swing open, the fix is easy. Remove one of the hinge pins and tap it lightly with a hammer so that there’s a minor bend. Replace the pin; the bend will cause more friction, which will keep the door in the correct position.

Problems with your exterior and interior doors can be hard to see at first glance, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Sticking, squeaky and crooked doors can make your life more difficult but thankfully, almost every problem you encounter can be fixed with just the basic tools and some of the tips in this guide.

Crispin Jones is the writer for Vibrant Doors – for more information follow them on twitter or check out their site

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