Common Household Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems are the most frequent household maladies. Though plumbing problem is not ranked number one, it is the most typical house problem encountered by homeowners. Most people however, find plumbing as an easy job, but not all homeowners know how to handle these plumbing problems so they seek help from a rotorooter plumber.

Whether hiring an expert plumber or not, a homeowner needs to know the root of these problems and how to fix them.

slow draining sink

Slow draining sink – This is the most common plumbing problem a homeowner encounters and the easiest to fix as well. This means that the drain is clogged with debris that accumulate overtime. You can either use a liquid sosa to clean out the drain or unscrew the pop-up and clean it out.


leaking sink tapDripping/Leaking tap – This can be caused by a damaged rubber washers, damaged valve seat or the need for the tap washer to be replaced. This can be done by unscrewing and replacing the parts that need to be replaced. You must have the damaged part with you when you buy for replacement to make sure that the new parts will perfectly fit back in place.

poor toilet flushPoor toilet flush – This means your toilet is either partially or completely clogged. This can be caused by the squeaky toys or other things that your little ones dropped and flushed down the toilet. Plunging the toilet a few times may help for the partial clogging. If the plunger doesn’t work, you might need a toilet auger which is hard to use if you’re not an expert plumber.

running toiletRunning toilet – When your toilet doesn’t know when to stop flushing, it means there are parts that are not functioning properly. If what you have is the standard household toilet, troubleshoot the possible problems. Once detected, all you need to do is clean, adjust or replace the affected part. For the extra ordinary designs or pressured tank toilets, again, you may need help from an expert plumber.

water leak on the wallWater leak in the wall – You may notice stains or discoloration in the wall. This may be due to clogged drainpipes. Unclogging the pipe is not a tough job for a novice but you may need to open the wall to fix the problem. You may just carve the damaged area or remove the whole wall panel, depending on the severity of the problem.


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