Consider These 5 Things When Building A New Home

Building your own home provides the opportunity to create your haven just the way you like it with a host of exciting decisions to make along the way. Which taps? What benchtop? The living room to the north or south? As you work through the lengthy list of what should go where, here are five important items to consider.

building a new home


“This house has too much storage,” said no one, ever. Well thought out storage, particularly in areas like the bedrooms, bathroom and laundry, ensures everything has a place and your home remains tidy. Storage is also a hugely sought after commodity for resale – from wall-to-wall cupboards at the rear of your garage to walk-in butler’s pantries and robes.

Your storage requirements will likely reflect the number of people residing in your home and the type of lifestyle you lead, but more is definitely better as it’s hard to go back and create space later.

Outdoor living

The great outdoors is often the last place on people’s minds as they create the interior of their home, but the outdoor room as a place to entertain and relax is a mainstay of modern real estate. A significant portion of your time will be spent in this area, so it should be thought of as a feature and budget consideration for your build. Whether it’s a deck, a patio or pavilion, companies like AdaptIt can help you create and construct this space for your new or existing home.


An all-weather area to park your car and enter your home without facing the elements is no longer luxury but standard fare for most properties. So don’t overlook this critical feature as you build you dream home. Internal garages are ideal but if layout doesn’t permit this or further space is required for your boat, caravan or extra vehicle, consider adding a carport.


Your house should be designed for your needs and this means taking practicality into account. For people with limited mobility, it may mean keeping the home on one level or having low-profile stairs. However, it also extends to the general population and simple things like ensuring your laundry is accessible to outside, and the clothesline is positioned nearby.


A good architect or home designer will be well aware of the effect of the sun, but where and how you position your new home has a huge impact on your energy costs and quality of living. Windows, bedrooms and living areas should be positioned with the direction of the sun in mind. If it’s impossible to alter your home to reduce or utilise the sun, there are after-market tools like roof insulation, ventilation, window tinting and screening to assist.

Building a new home is one of life’s great adventures, giving you the opportunity to really put your own stamp on your living space. It takes a bit of investigation and a host of decisions, but the result will likely be one you are proud of and can enjoy with your family for years to come.

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