Cozy Chic – Five Rules for Getting the Look in Your Living Room

Cozy chic, like shabby chic it’s near twin, is quickly becoming one of the most popular traditional decoration styles because it’s comfortable, cute, and offers a lot of customization. Unlike modern decoration it requires no special furniture, and in fact, you could use your grandmother’s if you wanted to. Cozy chic is popular for vintage and retro decorators as well as for modern families (and singles) looking for a comfortable but stylish way to decorate. If you’re planning on going cozy, don’t forget these five rules for getting the look.

cozy chic

One really important factor of cozy chic is that it incorporates
a range of decorations throughout the house.

Soft Warm Colours

The best basis for a cozy chic room is to start out with the paint. You want something soft and warm so avoid bright colours and boring colours like white. Grey works, but only if you use a lot of colour in the furniture, pillows, and accessories. Consider light blue, light green, beige, eggshell white, muave, and most shades of brown as your friend, and bright colours like red and purple as a definite no-no for this look. While you can add in pops of colour here and there later, the majority of the room should be peaceful and comfortable.

Lots of Wood

One thing that every cozy chic room has in common is wood, and usually lots of it. If you have wooden walls, it’s perfectly okay to leave them bare. If you have a wooden floor, accent it with a rug, but remember that you want the wood to shine too. Many people also choose wooden furniture and cabinets to complete the look. On the other hand, if you have to go out of your way to put wood in the room, you can achieve the same look by sticking with warmer tan and brown colours rather than painting with pastels.


One really important factor of cozy chic is that it incorporates a range of decorations throughout the house. Ideas you can think about using include figurines, baskets, lamps and lights, photos, paintings, portraits, vases, and pretty much anything you can stick on a shelf. You most certainly do not want to overdo it, but try aiming for a casual clutter without being too crowded. You want at least three small things on each shelf or table or at least one large thing. For example, a small photo frame with two vases for flowers on either side, or candles.

Pillows & Throws

Pillows and throws are an absolute must for creating the cozy part of cozy chic. You can use throw pillows to soften the look of your living room so that it’s more inviting and more comfortable. Usually you want to go for options that look like your grandmother would have owned them and for the perfect look (you can find these on sites like Great ideas include embroidered and needlepoint pillows, in rough fabrics like linen, canvas, and if you want to go all out, faux fur. These rustic materials help to keep the look from being too feminine, so that the man of the house wont’ feel out of place. Matching these pillows with similar rugs and throws for over armchairs and side tables helps to enhance the look.

No Statement Furniture

While you can go with furniture that stands out from the room, you want to avoid making the furniture the centerpiece of the room.  Most chic design works by creating balance throughout the room to create a comfortable and easy look. If you add in statement pieces you usually throw off the balance and loose your look. If you want to use brightly coloured furniture (or anything) try to make sure you’ve got the look balanced by incorporating those bright colours into other parts of the room. The best furniture for cozy chic is warm, comfortable, and even overstuffed. You want to present the image of comfort simultaneously with style, so avoid overly modern lines and shapes.

Cozy chic is about balance, comfort, and creating a style that you personally are happy in. Many people can achieve this look quite easily by simply going with lighter furniture, choosing beige and pastel paints, and accessorizing the room with plenty of decorative items and pillows. Overall, the look is about taking something slightly rustic and making it soft and polished for a cozy result. At the end of the day, if you can’t picture yourself curling up with a book and a fireplace (or candles) in your room, then it probably needs a little more work. If you need more inspiration, try Pinterest or Google images to see what other people are doing with their homes in the same style.

George Torres is an interior designer, pillow fanatic, and owner of three dogs. He does freelance design and occasionally blogs about his experiences with all three.

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