Cozy Modern Lounging Area

With today’s fast paced life and stressing environment, it is important to have that place in your house where you can spend the lazy hours. Of course your bedroom is where you lock yourself away from the world and doze off. But how about a cozy lounging area with a good ambiance where you can relax, curl up with your favorite book, have a cup of good coffee or even meditate? This modern cozy lounging area is the perfect example of that special place for your ultimate relaxation.
cozy modern lounge

It is not costly but the design and the ambiance give it a cozy feel…white granite floor, white and lightest gray paint, good lighting, glass wall and big door.The big door gives the room an open airy feel at the same time improved the lighting by allowing the natural light from the sun.

cozy lounge

The orange shelves on the wall and the yellow lounging chairs break the monotony of the room. Both make the room look lively but not overly enhance it…still simple and almost minimal and best suits a person like me who loves sleek contemporary designs.

*This cozy modern lounging area is designed by GAnthony Asaula and cannot be used without his permission.

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