Creating Eco-friendly Living Spaces One Fixture at a Time

The conscious effort to help save the environment has gotten a lot of people to transform their homes into eco-friendly living spaces. Aside from being able to protect the environment, these green converts also get to enjoy savings on utility costs as well as health friendly surroundings. Unfortunately, this transformation would also entail a significant amount of investment for most people. Those who lack the resources for a home make over need not lose hope because they can still take small steps to a greener home by replacing one fixture at a time.

eco-friendly home

It may take you some time before realizing your
dream of having an eco-friendly house.

One very affordable fixture that can easily be replaced is the light bulb. LED bulbs that consume less energy than traditional fluorescent bulbs and CFL lights can easily bought in your local hardware store. They also come in different shapes and sizes to fit lighting requirements both indoor and outdoor. There are also stylish designs that can add value to your home while lessening your energy costs.

If you want to get more savings on your power consumption then start replacing your old home appliances with energy efficient ones. Modern appliances usually have energy guides on display to help consumers determine the energy consumption of each appliance. Energy efficient products usually bear the mark of Energy Star logo. As far as eco-friendly living spaces are concerned, they are marked with their use of renewable energy sources like solar energy. Installing solar panels and battery to power the whole house can be quite costly but it also means that you won’t be paying for energy consumption anymore.

Another resource that people should conserve is water. A lot of water gets wasted when people take showers or when they let the water run when washing dishes or brushing teeth. A lot more gets wasted in a common bathroom toilet which consumes 6 gallons of water every time you flush. Just like energy saving fixtures, one can also find water saving fittings for the bathroom. Look for toilets with pressurized low-flow or dual flush toilets that utilize only 1.6 gallons when flushing solid waste and 0.79 gallons for non-solid waste.

Creating eco-friendly living spaces is definitely tough when you have very little budget to spare. It may take you some time before realizing your dream of having an eco-friendly house. The important thing is to persevere and never give-up until the task is complete.

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