DIY Tasks You Still Have Time for Before Christmas

Every year millions of DIY enthusiasts spring into action in the weeks leading up to Christmas. It’s a time when people decide to do many of the jobs they planned to do earlier in the year and now realize the holidays are almost upon them.

Your home is used more during the festive season and many things can go wrong. However, doing the most important DIY tasks now, reduces the likelihood of these problems occurring while you’re enjoying the festivities. The most common DIY tasks completed in the run-up to Christmas day include the following:

Cleaning and Painting Walls and Ceilings

paint the walls
During Christmas you want your home to be vibrant and look great. Cleaning and painting walls and ceilings is an instant way to transform the appearance of any home. Painting is a DIY job most DIY enthusiast are capable of doing to a high standard. Just make sure you prepare properly and use the proper brushes, rollers and tape products such as JTape.

Adding and Fixing Shelving

At Christmas time there’s a sudden urge for people to put a wide range of items on shelves. Christmas cards, ornaments and decorations find a new home on shelves at this time of year. In the weeks before Christmas, many DIY enthusiasts will be putting up shelves and fixing exiting ones.

Fixing and Maintaining Your Home’s Fittings

check drains and pipes
Every home suffers from some kind of wear and tear during the year. Certain items loosen, break or stop functioning in the way they should. Check your home for features that may need to be mended or maintained. Examples of this include items with loose screws, problems with door locks, moving toilet seats, loose electrical fittings and other features that have components that need to be maintained.

Fixing or Replacing Flooring Features Throughout Your Home

Flooring is another feature of a home that has to be maintained. Floor boards get loose, carpets tear, rugs get damaged and tiles break. Check your home for any issues with flooring. Once you’ve identified a problem fix it. If the problem is more complex you may need to get the help of a professional.

Completing Outside Jobs

Fixing and maintaining outdoor items around your home is just as important. If you don’t complete these tasks in the run-up to Christmas, weather may not permit you to do them till sometime in the New Year. The most common outdoor DIY jobs at this time of year include fixing gutters, roof tiles, walls, foot paths, paving and curbing. The chimney may also need to be cleaned. Outdoor jobs involve more risk and danger. Make sure you use the appropriate equipment and get some help from family members or friends.

Christmas is a time when we spend much more time in our homes. More of the features in our homes are used at this time so it’s important to ensure that everything’s in good working order. As well as this, many family members and friends will be visiting. It’s important that your home is looking its best throughout the festive season and you can sit back and admire the work you did in weeks leading up to Christmas day.

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