Doing Everything While Involving God

A lot of us do not really think of God as someone who wants to take part in our everyday affairs. While we may be Christians who believe in God and the Bible, we sometimes just limit His involvement in our lives, thinking that He is too big a God to care for everything about us.

I am reminded with this when a friend of mine, Cathy, a pastor’s wife, sent me the following encouraging text message:

“If you’re worried, tell God.
If you can’t remember, ask God.
Try to get in the habit of telling
everything to God first.
After all, He knows what’s best for you.
Prayer is always the best way.
And God is always the best friend we
can talk to in times we can’t tell
anybody about anything.”

I think this is lovely, a perfect message of love on Valentines Day.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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